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The Change in Office Layouts.


Office layouts are ever changing and increasingly leaning towards more open plan spaces to improve employee’s engagement, encourage conversations and cross-departmental interaction.

One perfect example is Twitter’s interactive office space “We have open floor plans and we’re not at separate desks,” said Natalie Miyake, senior communication associate at Twitter. “Employees have laptops because people move around a lot and have meetings with different people in different rooms. We also use mobile phones instead of land lines.”

Transparency is also essential at Twitter, whether it’s about meeting in a glass-walled conference room or in one of the booth seating areas adjacent to the kitchen. (Yes, they double as eating areas.) “You can hop in there for privacy — even though they’re open,” Miyake said. “They’re just different ways to promote collaboration.”

It takes real talent and expertise to create innovative, whilst functional interiors. Fortunately, we’ve got both. At RFM, we’ve got a small but highly talented specialist design team with all the creativity, resources and commercial insight it takes to design interiors that don’t just look great, they perform brilliantly too.

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