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23rd April 2018

Integrated FM.

The Facilities Management division of our business covers all aspects of this crucial area, whether that’s high quality cleaning and security services or services embracing everything from landscaping through to waste management. 

Serving a huge and growing range of satisfied clients from all industries, the success and reputation of our facilities management business comes from our unswerving commitment to building partnerships that work, and ones which last.

Our philosophy here is simple: we invest in the people and resources it takes to deliver an integrated service that helps transform the everyday operations and overall success of the organisations we work with. 

Fully integrated solutions or simple one-offs

Many of our clients find that the more they work with us the better they perform. That’s because our unrivalled expertise means we’re able to integrate our individual services so effectively that the overall impact of our work becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

By coordinating our services, spotting opportunities to consolidate and giving our people the skills and incentive to multi-task, we’re able to make the greatest difference of all when we become an integral part of a client’s daily operations. Our system of Proactive Account Management (PAM) is key here, because it allows us to smoothly and faultlessly manage highly complex, multi-service contracts covering any number of sites.

Our rigorous management reporting takes things one step further, enabling us to record and analyse our performance and recognise any opportunities for integrating our services even more successfully.

Of course if it’s a small-scale or one-off project we’re asked to complete, we do so with all the care and attention to detail we give to our major contracts. After all, we’re never happy giving less than 100%.

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