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23rd April 2018

RFM Group working with Brenntag


Brenntag is a market-leading international chemical distributor with headquarters in Rawdon, Leeds.

In 2008, just two weeks after an initial meeting, RFM Group was awarded the contract to supply Brenntag with cleaning and security services at its busy head office. Our combination of experience, knowledge and resources helped set us apart from the competition and was a key factor in the decision to enlist our services.  One of the client’s primary aims was to have both cleaning and security provided by the same supplier, and Brenntag now enjoys the benefits of a single point of contact and a single monthly invoice.

Since 2008 our partnership with Brenntag has grown into a highly successful collaboration, and at monthly meetings we’re able to demonstrate the tangible impact of our work through our ISO9001 accredited quality systems.  We work to a custom-designed service level agreement created in direct response to Brenntag’s needs and, in addition to improved cleanliness, we’ve eliminated security breaches and implemented a car park patrol that’s helping to identify illegal users.

We’re also helping Brenntag to save money and reduce its impact on the environment through our proactive approach to energy conservation.  In line with our commitment to greener thinking, our security staff use their own initiative to identify safe and viable opportunities to switch off electrical appliances and IT equipment at night.  It’s one more way in which we’re able to offer a uniquely comprehensive service that adds value to our clients’ businesses.   

“Since giving RFM our facilities contracts, our workplace has been a safe, secure and clean environment for our employees and visitors.  They are very local to us, and provide an excellent and friendly service.”

Stephanie Kemp, Brenntag

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