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23rd April 2018

RFM Group working with Bradford City FC

Waste Management for Bradford City.

Since its beginnings in 1903, Bradford City has earned itself a proud and well-respected place within the history of association football, and in 1999 the club won a place in the English Premiership.

With a capacity of 20,000, the club’s home ground needed an effective and cost-efficient system for managing its waste.  RFM Group was awarded the contract to take on this responsibility in 2010, and its major goal was to end the practice of sending 100% of the club’s waste to landfill – an achievement that would also help the club fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility obligations.

RFM Group used its expertise to implement a strategy that not only significantly increased recycling at Bradford City, but also delivered a significant cost saving to the club.  After a smooth and seamless immobilisation process, eight 1,100Ltr paladin bins were installed at the club.  These bins are emptied twice each week and their contents removed for sorting.

Today, Bradford City has achieved its ambition to eliminate its contribution to landfill, and instead has its waste either recycled, composted or used to create energy.  RFM Group also provides Bradford City with monthly Management Information reports that use clear statistical information to document waste weights and recycling figures.

RFM Group used its own understanding of the need to balance environmentally friendly practices with sound commercial sense, and has helped Bradford City achieve a cost saving of 15% on its previous contract price.  

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