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23rd April 2018

Technology enhancing the RFM Group


As a forward-thinking company with real vision, it’s little wonder we’ve spotted and harnessed the fantastic potential of technology.  In fact, we’ve put technology at the very heart of our operations, and today we use it to deliver a smooth, integrated and responsive service to every one of our clients. 

For us, IT is much more than just a way of documenting or communicating: it’s an integral part of our entire operation and a key to the success of our partnerships. We use sophisticated software tools to analyse, manage and improve the services we provide on a micro scale.  We spot opportunities to help our clients do things better, then we act upon them together.

Facilities like secure client log-ins and dashboard reporting are helping us keep the businesses we serve in the picture at all times. We’re able to produce detailed and up-to-the-minute information about what we’re doing, when we’re doing it and the impact it’s really having, and that’s helping to improve things like the measurability of our performance and the overall success of our clients.

Technology use at RFM Group