Sustainability at RFM Group

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23rd April 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility from RFM Group


Our Values

We have a strong set of company values underpinning everything we do. These values influence our approach to work and guide the way we interact with our employees, our customers and suppliers and how we grow our business. Across our business we live our values as follows:

We are respectful of our customers and our colleagues, and actively promote an open, honest atmosphere throughout the company.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. Our employees take the initiative to get the job done.

We take great care over what we do, and importantly, how we do it.

We are professional down to the last. We deliver on our promises, and always aim to deliver the best possible service.

Corporate Responsibility Vision and Communication

To us, Corporate Responsibility is the continuing commitment by RFM Group to behave ethically and contribute to economic development whilst, at the same time improving the quality of life of employees and their families, and playing a positive role in the local community and society at large the management and integration of issues, including environmental impacts, health, safety, employee relations, business ethics, and social and environmental impacts in the supply chain into everyday business practice We communicate corporate responsibility objectives and targets as follows:

Via our internal company newsletter which goes to all staff, individual leaflets for staff (a larger version of which is placed on notice boards), management briefings and toolbox talks for frontline staff.  We also run Corporate Responsibility training courses for senior management and induction courses for all management where corporate responsibility objectives and topics are discussed.
Suppliers, Clients and other stakeholders
Through our Corporate Responsibility Report, case studies and our website.  We also update suppliers and clients in meetings and regular briefings and are looking to develop forums and other opportunities to exchange best practice with both customers and suppliers.

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