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23rd April 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility from RFM Group


Environmentalism is no longer enough.  It is now clear that sustainability is a key driver for all businesses across all sectors.

Sustainability, in short, is about people, planet and profit.

RFM Group believes a sustainable business will harm the environment as little as possible, assist those people who are affected by it as much as possible, and make sufficient profit to keep doing this for as long as possible.

Whilst products and machinery are important, labour and the way in which we deliver our facilities management services provides far more in terms of sustainability.

For example, cleaning during the day is the most sustainable way to clean; this avoids night time energy use, enables workers to have a more family friendly lifestyle, and develops opportunities to provide other services available within our portfolio.  Day time cleaning has been around for a long time, but as an answer to sustainability, it really comes into its own and offers significant benefits.
Healthy Sustainability

The sustainability of our clients businesses is improved by a regime that targets bacteria and reduces the risks of human being health in the building.

We have demonstrated many times to various clients that our facilities management programmes will help cut sickness and absenteeism, and thus provide much needed and talked about added value.

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