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23rd April 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility from RFM Group


The environment plays a major role in our CR strategy.  Our environmental KPIs measure the carbon associated with the five key impacts of electricity, gas and water consumption, transport emissions, and waste creation. 

We are targeting carbon savings in electricity and gas consumption through heating, cooling and lighting of our premises of 15% in 2013 against our 2010 footprint. 

This is a significant undertaking and exceeds the expectations set by the UK Transition Plan of 2009.
We have developed an impact management system to provide robust management reporting to monitor and report impact data on water, waste, transport and energy consumption across our UK offices.  This system is also able to identify successes in our recycling programme and pinpoint areas for further improvement.
Carbon Reduction Scheme (CRC) + Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a government initiative designed to force relatively high energy consumers to improve their energy consumption, instigate carbon management strategies and bring carbon to the boardroom agenda.

The scheme began in April 2010 and has introduced some thought provoking economic and reputational drivers for consumers of more than 6,000 mega watt hours electricity which is the equivalent of a spend of £46,000 per annum.

Participating organisations will have to monitor their emissions and purchase allowances for each tonne of CO2 they create.

However reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency will save money.

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