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23rd April 2018

Our Management.

PAM, our Proactive Account Management system, is the bedrock of our entire approach to working with clients. It’s also one of the factors that sets us apart and helps elevate our service to the exemplary level you’d expect from the best in the business.

The beauty of PAM lies in its simplicity. By using an advisory approach to our work, rather than simply responding to client requests, we’re able to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to rethink and transform the way they do things. Acting as a consultancy, we provide the priceless expertise that comes from more than 50 years’ combined experience within our management team. We’ll identify ways of doing things better, and then plan and implement the changes that will help make them happen. The end results include reduced waste, saved time, trimmed labour costs, improved energy efficiency, raised staff morale or greater long-term profitability. Sometimes it’s even a combination of them all.

Perfect project management
At RFM we understand that true peace of mind for our clients depends on intelligent project management from us, and that’s why we’ve worked so hard to perfect it. We provide things like dedicated account managers, single points of contact and mutually agreed Service Level Agreements, because we know that together they help to massively reduce the time a client needs to devote to a project as well as minimising the risk of confusion or mistakes.

Along with using the power of IT to help make sure our projects run smoothly and our clients are kept informed, we also go to great lengths to hand-pick staff with natural initiative then train them how to use it. Our people are our greatest asset, and it’s amazing what we’re able to achieve by investing in them properly and rewarding their achievements.

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Proactive Account Management