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23rd April 2018

Ian Flanagan from RFM Group


Ian Flanagan.


1) Sun
2) Italian Food
3) Big watches
4) Seeing people get on in life
5) RFM

1) Cold
2) Sushi
3) Small watches
4) Winter months
5) Unrealistic clients

1) The wife
2) Family
3) Big watch
4) Italian food
5) iPad

Good health to all who know me - especially my family.

Give the power of the country back to the people.
Use common sense instead of human rights initiatives that are counter productive.

RFM Group to be the preferred supplier to the property market.
Business to business to appreciate that we must all make a reasonable margin.

I have been in the Facilities Management sector now for over 20 years, working my way up over the years to my position as Managing Director today.  My career has involved working in numerous national facilities management providers, in operational, sales and general management roles. Securing in excess of 20 million in new business, I recognised a gap in the market and co-founded the RFM Group over 10 years ago to develop a single provider of Facilities Management and Interiors. The vision to introduce a multi-skilled work ethic allows for a high standard of cost effective services to be self-delivered to our clients. My biggest achievement would be developing RFM Group from a humble family business to the multi million pound business it is today.