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23rd April 2018

Fiona Stewart at RFM Group


Fiona Stewart.

Operations Director

1) Shopping
2) Exercising
3) Travelling
4) Entertainment
5) Organisation and structure

1) Untidyness
2) Poor service
3) Things that are not planned
4) Lateness

1) Body lotion
2) Toothpaste
3) Books
4) My husband
5) Boat

I would like to achieve a £10 million business in the next 5 years.

I have been in the Facilities industry now for over 20 years working from a very middle management role to an extremely senior management position with several national facilities management providers. I have delivered complete facilities management contracts with values varying from half million to 1 million annually. Delivering contracts to both the public and private sectors; I have a track record of driving productivities and improving the service delivery. This approach has lead to increased contract terms, requested by my clients. I brought my experience and expertise over to the RFM Group, when I co-founded the company over 10 years ago. My current position is to orchestra and head the
operations team, ensuring that excellent service is delivered to all of our clients. Our proactive management approach sets us aside from competitors as our ethos is that we aim to please and are always willing to go the extra mile. I organise training and keeping our clients fully up to spend with all developments of the business to ensure they have peace of mind is what we pride ourselves in. My biggest achievement would be setting up the business from a standing start to 1 million turnover in a 9 month period.