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23rd April 2018

RFM Group environmental credentials


Leading the way in low-impact facilities management.

At RFM we’re at the cutting-edge of ‘green’ facilities management. Our environmental credentials start on our own doorstep, with ISO14001 accreditation for the ongoing efforts we make towards ensuring every element of our business contributes to its sustainability.  We use training, technologies and innovative thinking to reduce our impact on the natural world, and we’re always quick to embrace best practices as well as developing some of our own.

A key way in which we’re contributing to a cleaner, safer and healthier environment is the way in which we’re integrating our own ethos of sustainability into the work we do with our clients. For example, our people are trained to spot opportunities to implement practical ways of reducing energy consumption by switching off your lights and IT equipment, and they’ll notice what happens to your rubbish and organise recycling it if you don’t already.

Naturally, we’ll only carry out these initiatives if it makes good sense and if you agree to it, but let’s just say that the overwhelming majority of our clients enjoy the way our green credentials are rubbing off on theirs. After all, it’s good for the environment and it’s great for their brand.